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As part of her book release and blog tour, Jessica Khoury is annotating and sharing her thoughts on passages in Origin and I am so excited to have her by the blog today!  You probably all have heard the massive amounts of hype for Origin and it is one of the 2012 Fall Breathless Reads!

Origin by Jessica Khoury Book Cover

ORIGIN excerpt:
It moves around me like some demonic rope, its skin slick and smooth and cold. It wraps around my legs first, then my waist and chest. On its last pass the snake slides across my neck, slowly this time, almost lovingly, as if it is trying to soothe me to my death. Don’t you know I can’t die, snake?
But you can be swallowed, a sibilant voice responds, and though I know it’s my own, my imagination credits it to the snake. Swallowed into the wet, dark belly… (Origin, page 191)

Jessica Khoury Author Photo

Thoughts from Jessica:
The scariest part about this passage is, these types of critters are real! I first read about them in middle school, when I had to read the entirely chilling short story “Leiningen Versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson. In the story, a plantation owner in Brazil refuses to evacuate when a swarm of army ants invades. For days, he and his workers battle the ants. Normally, these ants will attack birds, small animals, and the like; the ones in Origin, however, have been genetically modified so they’re about 100 times more scary! I’d rather face the anaconda. At least with the snake, there is only one. And it can’t climb into your nose and mouth and ears and bite you thousands of times. Pia, of course, doesn’t have to worry about that, so she’s more afraid of an anaconda. Though it wouldn’t kill her, she’s terrified of the possibility of being swallowed whole.

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