Fantasy February


So I first had this idea last year in the summer, way past the only F month of the year, but it still had been rolling around in my head. And this year I really want to make it happen. So basically picture a month solid of fantasy: author interviews, book reviews, book features, giveaways, and anything else I can think of that is solely fantasy.  Fantasy February here I come :)

SO IT IS HAPPENING. February is going to be all fantasy all the time here on The Book Cellar and I am inviting you to join me!

So if you are a reader, come with your thoughts and what fantasy books you love.

If you are a blogger, post your own reviews and link back up so we can all explore the awesome fantasyness all month long.

And if you are an author, I would love to have you by the blog next month through an author interview or even just let me know if you want to make sure I feature your book or whatever :)  Shoot me an email at

Get excited! Because I know I sure am :)


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