Cover Reveal: The Survivors – Body and Blood by Amanda Havard + Author Interview

I am super excited to be helping to reveal the cover for Body and Blood, the third book in The Survivors series. First, here is a bit about the book:


The game has changed.

Fresh from her first brush with mortality, a fragile Sadie Matthau is playing human with Cole Hardwick while the Survivors endure unimaginable tragedy. Wrought with the first deaths of their own kind, a tyrant who will torture them, and an opponent more terrifying than anyone could have foreseen, the Survivors are facing their end.

Told from three points of view, The Survivors: Body & Blood is a bloodcurdling, mind-bending, heart-stopping ride. As Sadie and the Winters uncover more enemies, more history, and more answers, they find themselves brought closer together and ripped further apart. And all the while, a haunting Alexander Raven lurks at the edge of Sadie’s lifeline, at the darkening fringes of her mind.

As the Survivors descend into chaos, Sadie realizes a painful truth: the deepest of secrets leave the darkest of marks.

Caught between a terrifying fantasy and her own grim reality, Body & Blood is the story of Sadie’s dance with her demons, future, past, and present.

Doesn’t that sound epic? I am so excited to read this summer when the book comes out July 23! The first two books in the series got a cover redesign with Body and Blood. Here are the three together :)


The Survivors 1-2-3 Reveal

Body and Blood by Amanda Havard book cover

I love the cover – It is definitely my favorite of the three thus far. What are your thoughts about it ?

Now  I also have an interview with Amanda Havard, which is super exciting :)

What can readers expect with this third installment of The Survivors series?

I can only describe the book as EPIC because everything that happens in it is truly giant in scale. This was the book in the series I knew from the outset would be the most exciting and the most challenging to write. I weave very insane plot threads together in this series, plant seeds from the very first pages of the series, and this is the place where — let’s hope — you really start realizing what has grown from those proverbial seeds, what’s at stake, and just what could happen in Survivors world. I think you can also expect a transformed Sadie who is maturing and realizing she can’t run from her challenges but has to face them. Oh and did I mention this book is written from THREE characters’ perspectives? I didn’t? My mistake…

What musical instrument do you currently not play, but would love to learn some time?

I don’t play the guitar, and it kills me every day. I MUST learn it soon. Think of how much more music I could write!

What is your go-to snack while writing?

It changes frequently, but lately I’m hooked on olive oil popcorn and Honey Nut Cheerios.

Could you share with us a little about why you chose one of the songs for the Body and Blood soundtrack?

I’m unbelievably excited for the soundtrack for Body & Blood. Music has influenced my process more and more with each installment, and this time, I named a lot of chapters for song titles because they were that linked. (A sneak peek: “Seven Devils” by Florence + the Machine or “Sinister Kid” by the Black Keys, or “Witchy Woman” by the Eagles, just to name a few) But the first song I picked for the third book in Survivors was the song I imagine for the opening scene, which is a nightmare. It’s Muse’s “Ruled by Secrecy.” Not only is that song playing at that scene one of the clearest movie opening-sequence-style scenes in my head for the entire series, the lyrics of it are haunting, perfect, and full of the most wonderfully poignant (and creepy) foreshadowing:

Repress and restrain

Steel the pressure and the pain

Wash the blood off your hands

This time she won’t understand.

Change in the air

And they’ll hide everywhere

And no one knows who’s in control

You’re working so hard

And you’re never in charge

Your death creates success

Rebuild and Success.

Just WAIT until the end of this book, reread those lyrics, and then see what I see.

You seem to always been working on something new and exciting. What is next for you?

I’m thrilled to say we have a TON going on. Right now, I’m in the process of getting to build Immerseditions (our interactive, engagement-based book app concept we piloted with Survivors) for other publishers which means some stories you LOVE might be coming out in that form. Stay tuned. Also, this spring I’ll be at RT Booklovers and Misti-Con to talk giant story worlds (my favorite thing!), both of which I’m thrilled for. I’m also signing at BEA in New York City at the end of May/beginning of June. And this summer, I’ll be at UtopYA Con which has to be my favorite event all year. This year I’m so stoked for it because I’m partnering with several amazing authors to write original music for their characters, which we’ll perform at the UtopYA Awards! It’s going to be epic. Just like this book.

Amanda HavardABOUT AMANDA HAVARD: Amanda Havard has been telling stories since before she could write. She grew up in Dallas, Texas, where her first book was published in her elementary school library at age 7. She received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from Vanderbilt University. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her baby grand piano and more story ideas than she could tell in one lifetime.


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