Cover Reveal: Third Degree by Julie Cross

I was super excited to see that the cover for Julie Cross’s upcoming March release has been released!

Third Degree by Julie Cross book cover

Third Degree by Julie Cross

Rejected for medical residency programs, Isabelle Jenkins, former child genius, decides to pursue her third college degree, but not as the brilliant minor who wowed America when she solved complex mathematical equations on the Dr. Phil show—this time she’s undercover and majoring in being eighteen. And being eighteen means making friends with people who aren’t professors or scientists, partying, and dating — to enjoy life and all the things she missed out on as a child.

But, after struggling through a week of classes as a PE major and making zero strides to bond with her roommate, Izzy enlists the help of her hot RA, Marshall Collins, to teach her how to be the life of the party.

However, what Marshall really ends up schooling her in is the most important lesson college has to offer — love.


I’m totally excited for it – I absolutely love Julie’s books so this excites me. Also, I just thought I would mention too that Letters to Nowhere, Julie’s first contemp release, is on sale for .99 right now.

What do you guys think of the cover / synopsis?

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