All You Need To Know About Affirmation

The way we think decides a lot about the way we should act, and thus, determines our happiness to a large extent. If we keep on thinking about the negative things that ever happened with or around us, we shall always be held back. Therefore, it is important to fill ourselves with positive thoughts so that we stay happy. It’s essential for our well being over anything else in this world. Affirmation is primarily used to train our subsconcious mind. It enables us to attract wealth, happiness and love from the surrounding. 

Problems are sure to come along our way, but with a positive attitude and a heart filled with affirmation, it gets easier for an individual to deal with the situation. We start feeling good about ourselves and all the energies within us seem to work in our favor. Our lives seem to run smoothly. On the contrary, when we feel bad ourselves, it seems as if all the energies in the surrounding are putting together their forces to oppose our motion. It gives us a self-defeating feel and we start considering ourselves as losers. We begin accepting the defeat much before we have actually started playing the game! As a result, negative thoughts can push you to situations where you encounter interpersonal drama, financial mishap and chronic illness. 


What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are nothing other than positive phrases and statement that would help you to erradicate the negative thoughts from an individual. It is easy to practice, but before you will be able to do so, you need to make up your mind about sticking to it. All that requires for an individual to start putting this positive affirmation into effect is to maintain a consistency. Positive affirmations will help an individual to fetch motivation and boost his or her self esteem on practicing it over a period of time. 

Do positive affirmations actually help?

Yeah, the way you train your mind decides the way you think and reciprocate back to the forces around you. Positive affirmations, however, require regular practice and you ought to be consistent to witness the wonder! They are actually helpful to bring long term changes in your life. The opinions that we bring up on the table is nothing other than just a reflection of our psychology. 

Advantages of positive affirmations:

When you start filling yourself with all the positive vibes, you start accepting yourself even better. You start feeling confident about yourself. It gets easier for you to believe on your abilities and you start accepting that there’s nothing that you cannot do. All you need is to put your heart and mind into it. It may require time, but with hardwork, you are sure to achieve everything that you have always been aspiring for!

Positive affirmations also boost your self integrity. You stop suffering from that inferiority complex that had been stopping you to do better so far! You gain confidence upon your own potential and you start acknowledging the fact that with hard work and strong determination, you can overcome almost every hurdle in life. 

Positive affirmations reduce your health-deteriorating stress. With life’s tensions and troubles, you become negligent about self care. You start leadinv an indisciplined life which cause your health to suffer! You start falling sick too often, and the effect is evident both on your physique and mood. However, with positive affirmations, it would become easier for any individual to combat all the stress and start living happily. 

Positive affirmations alter your outlook towards life

You ought to have a clarity in your vision if you truly want to achieve anything in your life. Consequently, affirmation helps you fight those negative thoughts and experiences, thereby, assisting you to encourage an optimistic mindset. In brief, these positive affirmations replace all tigr negativity with hopeful narratives so that you can start dreaming all over again. 

How to start practicing self-affirmation?

Although there is no hard and fast rule about practicing self affirmations, it all depends on the way you process your thoughts and apply them in your day-to-day actions. There is no such timing or frequency of practicing self-affirmation either! Psychotherapists sah that one can repeat this procedure three to five times a day at times to reinforce the positive relief. One of the best ways through which you can start doing it is to keep a journal and write your affirmations in those pages. Therefore, every time you flip through those pages, you will remember those thoughts and boost your belief all over again. Another commonly used technique to practice self-affirmation is to practice in a mirror. Stare at yourself, and try knowing the ‘inner you’ even better. This is indeed one of the most powerful and effective ways to hold your belief and reminding yourself about it again and again. 

Can self affirmation help you deal with depression and anxiety?

Self affirmation is said to have a positive correlation to that of the feelings of hopefulness. It assists in cognitive restructuring, thereby helping you to throw off all your reasons of depression and anxiety. You start finding solutions to your problems all by yourself, and thus, it gets easier for you to settle your reasons of freaking out. Knowing your trouble means half of your problem is solved right there. Then, you can think of the actions to be taken to settle the issue, and ensure getting rid of all your anxiety at the earliest. 

Bottom line:

One of the major reasons for which we see a lot of people to suffer is all because they do not accept that the ‘hero’ that they have always been looking for, lies right within themselves. All we need is to have faith on ourselves and we would be able to succeed. Self affirmation gives you the courage to perform and thus, live at your own terms. 

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