How To Stay Motivated? – From My Personal Experience!

Motivation is basically the way through which you limit your distractions. It may sound easy, but it’s never so! There are a lot of temptations around us and they are deliberately responsible for stopping our growth to success. The first and foremost thing that determines your ability to stay motivated and accomplish your goal is none other than your intention to do it. You should focus on accomplishing your goals and helping yourself complete each and every single task that you take up. A lot of times, we fail only because we fail to keep our focus at place. However, the moment you train your mind not to get up before having completed a task despite the amount of hurdles that come along your way, you would be able to see yourself near to success really soon!

how to stay motivated

Tips To Stay Motivated!

  • Look for a far fetched goal:

At times, you would find that there are certain tasks that would appear insignificant to you. However, they might have a greater purpose to serve ahead and it seems so insignificant to you only because you aren’t able to see the farthest goal. Remember that every thing we do has some or the other purpose. We fail to see it only because we don’t try seeing it. We remain ignorant of the job that this task would serve later on. We are only bothered about fetching results immediately, and thus, a far fetched output doesn’t seem to be vital to us. The moment we start realising the contribution of each task, things would start appearing easier and simpler than ever! 

  • Find good reasons behind everything you do:

The moment you start feeling distracted, try to take a pause and analyse the reasons behind that action. When you have already started doing a task, it is important that you are aware of the reasons for which you would be doing it. There should be some purpose of doing it, and you ought to be aware of that! Anything you do would have multiple good reasons. All you need is to decode those reasons so that you are able to continue holding your mind and heart into it. If you ever think that you hate doing a job, you would probably need some motivation to prevent yourself from falling apart. Just remind yourself of the good and positive reasons, and things will get easier for you to accept at once!

  • Your attitude matters! 

Whether you are happy doing a task, or not solely depends on your attitude towards it. A lot of people know to take things sportingly and thus, it becomes easier for anyone to settle that task without any issue. On the contrary, if you are falling down and don’t know how to tackle the situation, you could escape it or decide to confront it. These minute things talk a lot about an individual. It is all about your attitude that decides whether you will be happy to walk through the tough times or choose to run away from the situation. Attitude speaks volumes, and you ought to train yourself in this context at first! While some people will love doing a task, others will hate it completely. Hence, you ought to take your decision in this matter and start learning to deal with the situation peacefully. 

  • Have fun while you are doing something:

Your outlook towards any particular situation ultimately decides whether or not you find it interesting enough to do! Therefore, you should be looking for some fun everything you do something. Here is an example to demonstrate it even better! While a lot of people find going to the gym to be a burden, and heinous part of their schedule, there are a couple of other people who understand the significance of fitness, and thus, consider going to the gym as the best part of their everyday schedule. Definitely, it is essential for an individual to realise the importance and the brighter sides of everything; as well as, one should grow the interest in that particular niche to be able to learn more, and consequently resolve the issues smoothly. 

  • Do not give up:

If you ever want to achieve success in your life, remember this one mantra, “Never give up!” No matter how hard the situation gets, you should always keep on trying. The half of the battle would be won right the moment you decide not to give up. One of the most common causes of failure is that a lot of us accept defeat much before we have already lost. You need to understand the fact that there’s no such trouble in life that comes without a solution. All you need is to find the solution and work to make things happen. 

  • Change your approach but not the goal:

You would often see things not happening as you have planned. In such a situation, there’s no reason to panic. All you should do is to take a while to think and re-think. Once you change your approach towards that subject, things may work. If things aren’t working out this way, change your approach, but you should never agree to give up. You should be focused on your goal, and keep finding different directions to reach that same goal. A lot of people confuse the motif of changing the approach with that of giving up, but the two are completely contradictory. 

Bottom line:

Life happens, and you ought to accept it the way it comes! However, it’s all upto you how well you arrange the pieces to complete it. Motivation is the drug which helps you keep doing your work without getting distracted. When you have so many things pulling you apart from the goal that you have set for yourself, it’s none other than ‘motivation’ that still keeps your head high and your eyes set keen to that target. This drug helps you focus and achieve!

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