How To Let Go Of Fear & Anxiety?

Fear is one of the strongest emotions which tends to have a powerful impact on both our mind and body. It often gets triggered at the time of emergencies. On the other hand, anxiety is nothing other than a kind of fear that comes up with a thought of a threat. The feeling of anxiety is often referred by the health professionals as a ‘persistent fear’. These two kinds of emotions often create a negative impact on an individual’s brain. As a result, it restricts the person from performing well in his/her life. It also prevents the individual to step out of his/her comfort zone and start feeling positive all over again.

In order to make sure that you aren’t pulled back by any of these two feelings, you ought to ensure driving them off both from your mind and heart:

let go of your fear and anxiety

Decode the reason:

While ‘fear’ is a natural feeling, you need to decode the reason behind it. The first step towards sorting out a trouble is to confirm about it. While a lot of people suffer from different kinds of phobias such as fear of fire, water, or height; anxiety may come from any of the worst experiences related to these phobias. If you truly want to drive this away from your life forever, you would need to revisit that past moment for one last time to make sure that it doesn’t come back to you ever again. Knowing the roots of the tree is essential to discover how to enroot it forever!

Confront your fear:

Facing the fear is one of the most effective ways to get rid out of it permanently. If you keep on being frightened by something that bothers you, things will never be the way you want them to be! Instead of being scared all the time, confront the fear and see how it turns out to be! There’s no point running away from it. Did you ever think about how long would you keep running? Well, one of the greatest things that you can ever do is to face that situation and get rid of that anxiety. Exposing yourself will certainly help you to overcome the fear and let go of that anxiety in you!

Self analysis is a must!

Now that you are aware of the reasons or the specific events associated with your fear and anxiety, go for self-analysis. Try to understand what’s bothering you so much. At times, it might be your ego tricking you. It would be indeed great if you can let go of those blockages from your life, or try finding some way to get through these blockages and gift yourself with something even more realistic.

Know yourself even better:

No matter how strong we claim about knowing ourselves, we never know ourselves enough! Well, you can always keep a record of things that make you afraid or anxious, and make sure that you set small and achievable goals. Treat yourself when you attain them, and this will make you happy from inside! This process is one of the most effective ways, as counted by counselors and health care personnels. It’s actually helpful if you remain consistent in your approach.

Exercise and yoga:

Exercising and yoga helps a person to focus and concentrate upon things even better. This can certainly one of the biggest treatments in overcoming your reasons of fear and anxiety. Dedicate some time to yourself and deviate your mind from all the worldly pleasures and materialistic things for some time on a regular basis, and you are sure to feel better!

Meditate and relax:

Meditation can help you greatly! Spend some time of the day for yourself. Meditate for at least a few minutes, particularly if you can do it in the early morning and allow your body to relax. Breathe some fresh air, and allow yourself to forget all the worries and stress. Those are just the “Me” time.

Sessions of faith and spirituality:

If you are a firm believer of faith and spirituality, you should always connect yourself to any of those sessions. Visiting the church can also be a good option in this regard. This will allow you to cope up with your regular stress and help you do better in life. You can also connect to different spiritual groups and networks that function for people’s good.

Change your viewpoint:

If you truly want to change yourself and let go of all your fear and anxiety, change your viewpoint. What stops you from doing something is your thought of failure. What would happen if you fail? Did you ever think, that what would happen if you never try? You might fail, but you might win as well. However, if you would never try, you would never claim to see yourself winning either!

Think positively:

A positive thought can help you go beyond all your limitations and it can actually boost you for doing something that you were restricting yourself from, so far! Be positive and start accepting life as it comes! Be positive in all that you do, and wear that smile to spread that same positivity among the people around you.

Express your gratitude for everything you have received in life:

The moment you start feeling low and curse yourself, remember those things that you have been grateful for! Life is a mix of both these ‘good’ and ‘bad’ things together. Remind yourself of the positive events at this moment. Express your gratitude to people around, and you would start feeling better! Also, take out a little time from your everyday schedule to thank God for everything He had given you. Not everyone is lucky enough to lead a life that you are living!

Bottom line:

Use your humor and be positive to deal with situations that come along your way. I know it’s tough but the moment you start doing things this way, life will start getting easier!

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