Mend The Marriage E-Book Review – My Opinion About It!

Birds of the same feather flock together, but ever heard of opposites attract? I know that’s a different perspective altogether.

What do you think? Have you been in a relationship where you and your partner had just-the-same taste? Or were you poles apart and still madly in love with each other, until…

Well, nothing new, that’s typical new-age relationship status. Infatuation, feeling crazy for someone, intense physical attraction and then…the melodrama (well not in all cases, but mostly). No offense anyone!

Commitment in a relationship opens the gate of acceptance and abduction. If you have the sense of commitment, you know you have to accept your significant other wholeheartedly. Now either you are lucky enough to sail safe, or you are destined to go through multiple tornadoes and hurricanes. Irrespective of the journey, by and large, each one of us would want to come out as a winner. The thought of being in a happy and satisfying matrimony is every couple’s dream. But, sadly not many today are blessed to live their dream.

Liz, my friend is just one such live example. Liz and Rob met at the university where they not only graduated but also initiated a friendship for life. Soon the amity reached another level and after four years of courtship, they decided to tie the knot. Things went incredibly smooth for the first few months despite the difference of opinion that was growing at a very controlled rate. However, after one and a half years of their alliance, love didn’t seem to be in the air. Every instance, every discussion was tearing apart their bond. Then the finale showcased. Two months after their second anniversary, they decided to part ways.

Liz was broken and so was Rob. But they couldn’t come to a common consensus other than parting their ways. Brad Browning surfaced as a godsend at this point in their lives.

Liz happened to read about a seminar that promised to heal a broken marriage by Brad Browning. That was just the beginning. She started dreaming of her life together with her love, Rob. And now she wanted to try every possible thing to set her alliance straight. Brad Browning’s tips seemed to relate so well! Amidst everything she was reading and watching, she stumbled upon Mend The Marriage by Brad Browning. And now, there was nothing to look back.

mend the marriage review

Mend The Marriage: A Brief Introduction

Mend The Marriage is an online program intended to add harmony in a broken marriage. Brad Browning is a renowned relationship coach known to sort several failed marriages. Mend The Marriage is an all-inclusive guide that helps males and females equally to reconnect over their convoluted nuptial bond.

The program offers the struggling couples a fresh perspective of their marriage and their roles in the same. So, for all those who are in a troubled relationship, can undoubtedly benefit from Mend The Marriage while those enjoying the sanctity and sanity of the marital bond can go through for safety sake.

About the Author:

Brad Browning is a divorce expert and the author of two online courses: The Ex Factor Guide and Mend The Marriage. Know for his skills as a divorce expert; Brad has helped many couples to get their feet back in their failed marriages and enjoy their marital bliss.

The author has an experience of over a decade in saving devastated alliances. His famous work: The Ex Factor Guide has received critical acclaim and commendable feedback from experts in the domain as well as his ardent followers.

Brad Browning also runs his YouTube channel and caters to a large number of viewers who are blessed to seek his relationship advice and tips to avoid breakups.

He is also a regular contributor at and Dating, divorce and resolving conflicts in relationships are his niche domains. His tips have been tried and tested by lots of men and women who were facing problems in their relationships. Many have been benefitted and have been successful in reversing their broken alliances till date. He also offers one on one consultations and acts as a divorce guru. Brad is known to help people get back in happy matrimony despite their moving on to the path of separation.

Brad’s works have gained recognition worldwide, and his on-point insights on a relationship are consistently praised.

A Detailed Look Into Mend The Marriage:

Mend The Marriage is an extensive online program that focusses on tricks designed to help both male and female parallelly. It is designed to spot the core issues that ruin a marriage and the key points to consider to flourish a relationship. Mend The Marriage comes in a digital e-book format and contains audiovisual content. It has extensive coverage of mundane topics that spoil the fun in any union. The Mend The Marriage program comprises of 270-page Interactive eBook, a 4-Hour Pro Audio Course, 7-Part Pro Video Series, along with team building worksheets apart from three additional bonuses.

content of mend the marriage

The course is split into three sections. The self-help program has a specific section about the three common mistakes in a marriage and ways to sort them. There’s a discussion on the ABCD system where A stands for Accepting the situation, B points at Building resilience, C is Commitment to change and D stands for Dedicating yourself a task. As per the author, these are the four basic pillars for any relationship to thrive.

The Mend The Marriage program consists of various worksheets and bonus offers like a compilation of videos of Brad Browning’s discussion on various tips and tricks to enjoy marital bliss.

An accompaniment called The Infidelity Survival Guide primarily deals with concepts like trust issues and commitment. Taking a step further, the course covers topics called Children and Divorce and helps the reader take a walkthrough to throw light over this angle. Children suffer a lot due to broken marriages: A critical side of the coin which gets shadowed. Another section includes The Money Matters Guide that deals with financial matters, which is one of the underlying issues in ruining alliances.

The digital format is an easy to understand, straightforward approach for all the issues and flaws in a marriage. The terms used are straightforward without any verbose text or technical touch. The illustrations make it easier to understand the situation without making it boring. A variety of examples and tips to help a couple delay or avoid a long seeking divorce.

Let’s judge now:

There are always two sides to a coin. Humans can’t stop but judge. So here’s something about the pros and the cons.

The advantages: Mend The Marriage is an online course that helps both the genders equally. So there are tips and methods for the hubby and the wifey at the same time.

Who so ever wishes to save their marriage can have a shot and reap the benefits throughout. Almost all possible scenarios are discussed either in an audio or a visual format. So the chances of anyone not relating to the content is extremely low. While the program is easy to apprehend, it does save you lots of bucks. Not only does it offer bonus material, but it is also relatively cheaper than marriage counseling. What more – you are entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you chose to withdraw.

And the drawbacks: Availability in a digital format limits the joy of book readers. It is not suitable for underage people and needs consistent efforts for the tips to work. So make sure you don’t leave it open for your teenager to scroll through. It would open him to a lot of doubts and would leave the not-so-developed brain intrigued.

The course is a way better option than marriage counseling for simple reasons like less relatively low cost, quick and easy to follow steps and you are saving your shit from the world. With Mend The Marriage, you can chose the convenience of sitting on your fav couch and avoiding any travel hassle. Sounds good, yeah? Mend The Marriage deals with the source and solution of any problem that is bound to ruin your relationship.

Unlike so many scams taking place on the digital plane, Mend The Marriage comes with complete customer satisfaction. Not only in terms of results but also while you are trying the tricks. Yes, you read it right. The program offers a 60-day cash-back guarantee.

The methods are based on the author’s extensive expertise in handling divorces and empowering relationships, making it a powerful tool to save your marriage.

Your Take-Away:

As discussed above, Mend The Marriage is an online course that proves to be of equal benefit irrespective of the gender. A male and a female mindset and perspective ins taken into consideration before the formulation of the techniques to save a marriage.

Mend The Marriage is a one-stop solution to reverse divorces and work up to make your marriage pass the floor test. The content focuses on crucial key points that are usually ignored in a marriage that is standing on an edge. Brad Browning points out a very important fact in this course about jealousy and infidelity. He groups them as a very plausible cause for terminating years of marital bonds. The author has included many exciting theories like Family Systems Theory, Managing Anger, and Sex and Intimacy that help to enjoy conjugal bliss.

Formulating skills to cover the unwanted and showcase the factors that help in an alliance is the core domain of this course.

Mend The Marriage is a thorough compilation of every possible state of affairs that a couple may encounter in a failing relationship. The scenario is discussed to identify the root cause of the problem and determine possible methods to resolve the conflict.

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The Final Word:

The beauty of any relationship lies in the way it is carried. The survival rate is highly dependent on the trust, dedication and the desire to be together (of the ones making up the bond). Mend The Marriage is a proven work based on strategies that are gonna help you fly high and enjoy the conjugal bliss.

Although the system includes a consistent approach and patience to religiously savior your marriage, it’s nothing in comparison to the strong bond that would share at the end. There are loads of testimonials to add credibility to the fact the Mend The Marriage is an extremely well-researched piece of advice, and techniques to heal your dying relationship.

If nothing has worked for your bond to date, try Mend The Marriage techniques and thank us later. Purchase the version now and let us welcome you aboard to sanity, peace of mind and a strong relationship.

The version or section for all the hubbies help them get introduced to factors that can help their better halves feel obsessed about them. It leaves no room for the wifey to walk out of the matrimony. While the section for females helps them with waves to get unwavering attention by their men. All in all the male and female pieces of the matrimonial jigsaw get so hooked to each other that they can’t fall apart anyway.

My vote would definitely in favor of Mind the Marriage. As I have references of Li and Rob proving the credibility of the product, I would certainly advise all those facing turbulences in their matrimony to try it out and experience the advantages. Liz and Rob are so used to trying out the methods in their life now that they have been successful to wipe off the smallest squabbles out of their household now.

So, if you wish to be a part of the happiness stream, go ahead and book your copy now. A little bit of patience, a certain amount of consistency an and a lot of perseverance, and you are there. Right on the threshold of conjugal bliss. Enjoy your married life like never before with Brad Browning’s Mind The Marriage.

Love loads, trust more and judge less. Have a blessed life ahead!

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