Review Policy

Thank you so much for stopping by The Book Cellar and for taking the time to read my Review Policy and finding out what my reading/review preferences are.

When contacting me for a review request, I would appreciate if you could include at a minimum the following items:

  • Book Title and Author
  • Synopsis
  • Cover
  • Time frame you are looking for review to be posted

This just really helps me expedite my reply to you 🙂


I do review nearly every book I finish reading. My reviews are my general thoughts  and feelings about the book. If I did not finish a book, I will not post a review. If at all possible, I would prefer an e-galley to a physical ARC/galley. I do much of my reading on the go, so I find I get to books I receive in e-galley format much quicker, since I can read them at a much more rapid pace.

Timeframe: When contacting me about reviews, please keep in mind I am generally booked out at least a month in advance with posts at any given time. Because I am usually booked out at least a month, that is typically the average minimum of time if will take me to get to review your book. If you would like your book reviewed by a certain day or within a certain time frame, please mention it in your email and I usually can meet that date.

I cross post all my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (and can crosspost at additional locations upon request). My reviews include the following: official synopses, book cover, publisher, release date, pages, my overall thoughts on the book, a rating, and a link to at least one place to buy the book.

My star rating system is as follows:
5 stars = I loved the book
4 stars = I really liked it, but didn’t love it.
3 stars = I liked it or I was indifferent.
2 stars = I wasn’t the biggest fan.
1 star = Not my cup of tea.

Due to time constraints, I do not respond to each individual review request. I only respond to requests I am interested in and will be accepting. 

Additionally, if you don’t hear from me during the week, don’t worry – I always catch up on emails on the weekends since I sometimes get behind during the semester.

[Book Spotlights]

This is a new feature on the blog as of summer 2013! There are so many books out there and I do not have enough reading or reviewing time for them all. I will be featuring one book each week. Features will include basic information such as a synopsis and cover, in addition to whatever else the author would like to provide (excerpt, book trailer, giveaway, interview, etc). The sky really is the limit here! Spotlights that include giveaways tend to have a much larger reach.

I also do ask that you send EVERYTHING you would like in the actual email, not a link to find a synopsis and another for a photo. It becomes very time consuming when I have to search all over for your spotlight. Find out the full details HERE.

[Interviews/Blog Tours/Giveaways]

I love to host interviews or guest posts with authors!  I prefer to read the book before interviewing an author, so I have some basis for the interview. I also love participating in blog tours – I just need a few weeks notice between when the book arrives and when my scheduled tour date is. I am happy to host a giveaway on The Book Cellar, just email me with details. I also am open to any other promotions you would like to feature – simply drop me an email and we can work something out. 

[FTC Disclaimer]

I am in no way compensated for any reviews of review copies I receive from publishers and authors. I receive review copies in return for an honest, fair review.

[Affiliate Programs]

I am a part of the affiliate program with Amazon and ClickBank. When you click on a link in a blog post and it brings you to either, if you make a purchase then I will receive a small portion of the proceeds if you purchase that item. I also am a part of Google Ad Sense and BlogAds. When you click on an ad on my blog, that is what they are for. Any money earned from this goes to supporting this blog. Generally speaking, it is used to ship out contest winnings, to sponsor contests, or for the hosting/upkeep of the site, and this is at no cost to you.

If you would like to contact me with a review request,  need any other information, or want to contact me about anything else, my email is [email protected]

Thanks for reading and have a super day! 🙂