The Cinderella Solution E-Book Review | In-Depth Analysis

Looks, looks & looks – who doesn’t include it in their must-have list? Despite the world going gaga over body-shaming & looks don’t matter mantra, how you look is certainly something that enhances your feel-good quotient!

Putting on extra pounds is a liberal act. Weight gain does not limit itself to a particular sect, or region, or class. Anyone who isn’t particular about personal hygiene and daily habits is subject to host the unwelcome guest: Obesity. At times, hormonal disturbance or medical history is also to be blamed equally.

Having said that, females are at a higher risk of being a victim. Research suggests that weight gain does more harm to women than their male peers. Knowing this, it becomes obvious that females need effective methods & strategies to deal with obesity & weight gain. There has to be some foolproof solution specially made for females to achieve effective weight loss.

Effective weight loss tools are a subject of excitement and achievement amongst all irrespective of the gender. However, the market is flooded with fake promises and various products and programs to add more confusion. A majority of the available weight loss techniques focus on fad diets, unhealthy habits, and fake science solutions. This means, despite choosing a weight-loss method you aren’t certain of achieving the desired outcome, leave alone for the long term. While many programs guarantee the right weight, they make you starve and often put your metabolism at stake. During the process, you might get rid of some pounds but the process sucks off the vital nutrients off your body and does more harm than good.

In such chaotic situations, a product like The Cinderella Solution is a godsend. Not only does it help in inculcating healthy eating habits, however it introduces the fundamentals of nutrition and how the food helps in energizing the body. So, you can get a customized plan to suit your needs and achieve a figure you had always dreamt of.  Want to know how? Read on to seek an answer to all your What’s, Why’s and How’s.

the cinderella solution review

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What Exactly Is The Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution is the most trusted and effective weight loss program available in the market. It is a 28-day weight-loss method available in the form of an e-book. Once you purchase the product, you can easily download it on your system. You can then access the PDF files on your gadget, be it via a tab, a desktop or your smartphone for that matter. This makes it incredibly handy and effective for regular use.

The weight loss program focuses primarily on female health. The objective is to help females get rid of the extra flab. For doing so, there are two phases to initiate the weight loss method – Ignite and Launch! The phases last for as long as two weeks, accompanied by meal plans to accelerate the purpose. The USP here is the combination of different food groups rather than cutting on one. This is planned keeping in mind maximized weight loss and fat burn. The program also supplies a low-intensity workout guide for additional benefits. The most targeted body parts for shedding those extra pounds being the abdominal muscles, butt, and hips.

Ideologies differ from person to person and so does their working style. While some people like to know about the product beforehand, doing a complete analysis and then try it out; others simply need a headstart to boost up their spirits. Catering to both the types, The Cinderella solution leaves the option with you to choose from. The program includes both the options so you are free to suit yourself.

By and large, it is found that people prefer to begin the trial by uncovering the 17-page Quick Start Guide. For all the newbies who haven’t ever thought of food & nutrition, this guide provides all the info you need to back on. It helps you unfold the product proceedings and how you need to progress.

How does The Cinderella Solution work?

As discussed earlier, The Cinderella Solution has been designed keeping in mind the special needs of the female fraternity. The core area that is taken care of is ICE dysfunction (insulin imbalance). Females suffering from insulin imbalance, suffer from metabolic dysfunction too. The Cinderella Solution helps in dealing with issues like this and the other side effects too. The program focuses on the proper functioning of the three vital hormones that play a key role in regulating your metabolism, fat and weight loss.

Once you enroll for the program, you can learn the importance of healthy eating and how eating right not only helps in maintaining an ideal weight but also affects your longevity. The product contains a list of combinations of foods and beverages to aid the targeted weight loss. What else do you want?

The program serves best for females over 30 years of age and who are looking forward to drop more than ten pounds. Moreover, with no added investments and appropriate knowledge, this product is one of the best options available in the market today.

Who Created The Cinderella Solution?

We as humans, tend to judge a book by its cover. Carrying the legacy, the credibility of the author reinstates our belief in his/her work. Talking about The Cinderella Solution, it is the brainchild of Carly Donovan. Carly herself has been a victim of obesity and had struggled to lose weight and maintain an ideal one.

Carly Donovan was a fitness instructor and served at the local gym before she came up with this course. Despite being a regular gym-goer she suffered from several weight-related ailments. Only after she sought medical help she came to know that she had developed diabetes due to excess weight. This was enough inspiration for her to do something about the problem. Her research and methods came up as what we know as The Cinderella Solution. 

What Does The Program Contain?

Knowing that weight loss isn’t an easy nut to crack, let us talk about the author’s perspective here. The program spreads across four different sections.

Part One: The Cinderella Solution Explained

This section deals with the basic know-how about the program and ways in which you can start with the course. Then there is information regarding how to pair foods according to their flavors and the best time to have them. Moving forward, there are details about slimming workouts. The two phases of Ignite and launch are also included in this part.

Part Two: Your Daily Nutrition Blueprint

This part comprises a two weeks calendar along with daily plans for meal preparation. This segment, in particular, caters to weight loss diet and innovative recipes. So get ready to satisfy your taste buds along with enhancing your health quotient.

Part Three: DIY Meals and Flavor-Pairing

This fragment is a detailed analysis of part two wherein the focus isn’t shifted from low calorie yet nutritionally rich meal plans. Moreover, the plans are kept in place by forcing you to step into the Ignite & launch phase.

Part Four: Top 10 Flavor and Weight Loss Food Combinations

The title is self- explanatory. The section deals with yummy and healthy food pairs customized to aid the weight loss motive. By now, you would be an expert in planning your diet and workout regimen.

Real Users Testimonials:

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The Best Part About The Cinderella Solution

The Cinderella Solution is one of the most awaited courses for sustainable weight loss. The program is designed in such a way that no matter what, anyone who follows it is bound to attain something or the other, A NO LOSS DEAL in short!

The Cinderella Solution is designed to cater to a female body. The unique weight loss requirements are aligned with the hormonal anatomy of women. The program is an incredible bet for females who have a jam-packed schedule and loads of responsibilities to designate to a gym session or consistent workout regimen. For all stay at home moms or even working mommies, in that case, can reap the benefits of the course equally. The workouts do not demand too much of your time and investment. The program incorporates weight loss techniques by including nutritious food plans to do the main task. The aim is to regulate the hormones and take care of shedding those extra kilos.

The program contains a detailed approach toward the motive of initiating a sustainable weight loss regimen for a healthy you. The content has an extremely detailed approach and you won’t feel lost for a single moment. You would always be abreast with science-backed facts and techniques. You are certain to get enlightened by facts and theories on weight loss that you have never known till date. Surprising but essential!

The second segment of the course introduces the concept of a 14-day calendar which helps you keep track of your daily meal plan. You would be able to keep a check on faulty dietary habits and inculcate ones that would aid weight loss. Moreover, the new delicacies that you learn along the journey, are a bonus element. So, there’s no starving to get that perfect waistline.

The program is worth every penny spent. What you would get is at a throwaway price. The Cinderella Solution provides an excellent buy. Unlike the hidden associated purchases with usual online buys, this is a straight way one-time purchase plan. No hidden agendas behind. An excellent product aimed to help women over 30 to cut that fat off!

Despite all the promises that the product makes, it is completely a safe bet. The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee. As we know, fake products never offer cash backs, this is one good point to consider the authenticity of the product. The course gives more weightage to customer satisfaction rather than monetary gain. Difficult to believe, but remains a fact. The 60-day refund policy helps win the trust of the buyer. In case, The Cinderella Solution fails to gain your trust, you can ask for a refund within two months of the purchase. A deal that shouldn’t be missed.

Moreover, the product comes with an incredible customer satisfaction experience. The website is loaded with tips, tricks and methods to follow for all those who commence the course and get stuck somewhere. So newbies aren’t going to get lost once they enter. Everything is put straight and upfront, no goofing around.

But There Are Some Flaws Too:

Nothing in the world is perfect, so to say. The Cinderella Solution has some shortcomings too. Read on to know what.

Consistent & Committed Approach: Weight loss is no cakewalk. And if you insist on having it to last long enough, it wouldn’t be that easy. Trust me! This is coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Any product that promises you to get rid of those extra pounds demands a diligent approach to carry the initiative forward. You sure need to commit yourself to attain visible and long-lasting outcomes. You might have to bid adieu to your favorite and ingrained habits for good. You might also have to inculcate the new ones for betterment. Most importantly, you need to be patient and not expect miracles to happen overnight. It takes time and stays that way if you follow the right path.

The Process Takes Some Time: If you wanna buy the product thinking that you ‘ll be able to drop two sizes by the end of the month, you need to hold on to your horses. Sit back and think about how much time did you take to accumulate that layer of fat onto your skin. The very fact that the meal calendar is for 28 days, it states the fact that the results will start to show only after that time. But if you are persistent in your efforts, chances are you might hit the jackpot a little early. All you need to do is eat right and follow the workout regimen with due sincerity.

Designed For The Female Body: Picture perfect figure is usually associated with females. But men are equally inclined to have a good build. But since the program is designed specifically for the female fraternity, this ain’t a piece of good news to our dear male friends. Although they can take a sneak peek and gain some advantages, yet somethings would be missing. The focus of the program won’t change anyway. Sorry guys!

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And The Final Verdict

Now, that you’ve read it all, the program should be a must buy on the list of every female who intends to get through those extra blocking pounds. You are bound to feel slimmer, beautiful and younger.

Say Goodbye to your growing body and welcome a trimmed waistline! Stay fit and stay happy!

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