The Lost Ways E-Book Review – My Opinion About This Program

Hello, peeps!  How long have you been stuck with your screen today? Gadgets are glued to our psychology and physiology across all realms. A touch can help you sort your query at the very moment. You talk about ways to heal a wound or ways to stop anxiety  – just Google.

But there’s something above a PDF or a video. A world beyond smartphones and gadgets. The real world! A world for which we find ourselves gasping for breath and the technology ain’t a support system anymore. It is our social skills, life skills and perseverance that matters. The real you have to face the real world.

To accompany you in your dark times, Claude Davis has something for you: The Lost Ways. If we put in simple words, it is a survival guide. A step by step help to assist you along the way during the rough times. The Lost Ways comes to your rescue when a majority of us aren’t prepared to deal with real-world problems. Times when technology has taken over every walk of our lives.

The Lost Ways aims at teaching basic survival skills. These skills help you out when you are surrounded by a calamity, left all by your self, and without any internet access or self-help books. If your future horrifies you and you assume there are many disasters lined up for you, then The Lost Ways is a must-read. Claude Davis has compiled a list of strategies to handle worst-case scenarios without any external dependence. The program is designed to help you out in helping your family and friends at the time of crisis without any technical aid.

the lost ways review

NameThe Lost Ways
AuthorClaude Davis
FormatDVD & Online Version
Program TypeSpirituality
Official WebsiteClick Here

Keep reading to know how The Lost Ways can help you suffice the injuries the world has in store for you. Have a go and thank the author. Read on.

What Exactly Is The Lost Ways?

Needless to say, calamities are all around. Be it your dwelling, your workplace, schools, functions, anywhere you can think of. Unfavorable circumstances not only extract the zeal out of you, they hamper your productivity too. Your energy levels and your efficiency rank drops down remarkably. As expected, things get bad at your personal front too. This is where The Lost Ways comes into the picture. A stress buster! A bank of solutions designed to solve any crisis. It helps you out in figuring out ways when your world is about to turn topsy turvy.

Generally, we are all very positive about things. Nothing bad would happen to me is what we think. But crisis always comes unannounced. An intelligent way is to plan for the best and prepare for the worst. Makes sense?

A tip: Read out fairy tales and superhero stories to your kids but at the same time, teach them disaster management tools like fire safety, extreme weather conditions and things of similar likes.

The Content:

Our ancestors had a very methodical approach to solving issues. They had lived a life free of any technical help. They had used their minds and experiences rather than automated bots. The Lost Ways is a guide to deal with calamities through the knowledge passed on from our past generations. It is a mirror to depict the ill effects of convenience powered by technology. Remember the topic of essays back in your school days – Is Science A Boon Or A Curse? Well, time to reflect over the pointers NOW!

The book emphasizes the fact that mankind is eventually falling short of the basic life skills like survival skills and social skills. Today, people cannot think of living a simple and basic life in case of any shortage or calamity. Convenience at the doorstep or at the touch of a button has become the new age life mantra. Think of yourself living without electricity, internet, gadgets or similar amenities. You would be horrified at the very thought. Right?

Claude Davis has discussed at length various topics that would give you an insight into the drawbacks of modern living. The author firmly believes that modern living has snatched away all the creativity and capacity to adjust which would be our savior in adverse conditions. Okay, here’s some food for thought: Can you think of cooking a meal without buying any ingredient from the store? Umm, think hard. The Lost Ways is an answer to such questions. Another important topic being covered is surviving in the absence of antibiotics. The techniques are all tried and tested and have been used by our forefathers.

The kind of lifestyle we have switched to is posing a threat to all the amenities that we are enjoying with full liberty today. The ecology is going for a toss. Looking at the present scenario, our kids are bound to live in an ultra-modern era with restrictions and confinements of times immemorial. So to pass on this vital knowledge of surviving shortage, adversity, and calamities, we need to be abreast with the same. Probably this enlightenment has raised the demand for survival guides in the market of late. The author has contributed for the same through a compilation of techniques on survival mechanisms through The Lost Ways.  In other words, it teaches you how to survive.

The book consists of certain vital topics like water preservation, creating bunkers, making foolproof animal traps to name a few. And mind you, the techniques make you learn all such skills without wasting a dime.

Just recall memories of your ancestors who used to sail and preserve water for future use in the ships. Clean, usable water for weeks. Isn’t it a good way to play your role in conserving water today? Trust me, you can do it even today.

Think about ways to hunt animals like olden days. Less equipment and easy hunt. Our ancestors used to treat every wound easily without any fuss. The Lost Ways helps you with ways that can make you become an expert in making poultices just the way our forefathers did. The best way to bid adieu to pain, inflammation, and wounds. Imagine running out of bullets at the time you need them. Horrified? Need not be. Such alternative strategies are also a part of The Lost Ways.

The masterstroke is the technique to create bunkers. Underground houses that can provide shelter to as much as four families. Pretty spacious I guess. Through this survival guide, you would learn how to live without the convenience of cars, malls, the internet, and such facilities.

The Lost Ways is all about survival techniques intended to take back fellow Americans to the world of Native Americans. The book is spread across over three hundred and fifty pages divided into several chapters. The author has imparted words of wisdom throughout these chapters: A perfect survival kit to stand through any catastrophe. Let’s have a detailed look across the course content, now. The vital topics covered are as follows:

  • Nutritious recipes By the means of this book, the author has shared recipes that were used by Native American scouts. The aim is to cook delicious and healthy food without depending too much on market ingredients.
  • Traps – Animals can be your food at the time of crisis. Here’s how excellent techniques to build on traps to help you hunt better and serve your appetite. There’s a special note on how animal hunting during winters can be effective and beneficial.
  • Underground housing –  A roof on your head is a must at all times. The most important thing in this regard is discussed in The Lost Ways. The book covers details on how to construct underground houses. And mind you they are damn spacious. The layout is good enough to accommodate up to four families. Interesting, right?
  • Water storage – In this survival guide, there are tips to store water affordably. You can learn to preserve water for long without spending a penny. Damn economical!
  • Poultices – The author has compiled various tricks to make effective poultices with herbs and ancient ingredients just like the olden days.
  • Bullets – A special section is dedicated to illustrate ways to preserve bullets so that handling a critical situation gets easy. There are also tips on how something else can be substituted for bullets when need be.

About The Author

The Lost Ways is authored by Claude Davis, an old western survival expert for three decades. He is an expert who has extensive knowledge about preserving essential life skills that have helped our ancestors rule their era. He has a strong bond with nature and prefers to adopt the style of living just like our great grandfathers. Following this, he has been living in a log cabin (self-build) along with his fiance and two kids.

Besides, he has adapted the olden days cooking style too. He has been cooking his food outside his dwelling on an open flame. Moreover, he also prefers wearing hand made clothing. The lifestyle he has chosen has inspired him deeply and therefore he has been motivated to bring this out in the public in the form of his brainchild – The Lost Ways.  

Through his book, Claude bring forths his intuition of the world about to hit a crisis in the near future. So the best way to deal with the adversity is to prepare oneself and learn to live without much stuff

Claude Davis is the man behind the famous survival website He is the editor in chief of this website where readers can throw questions concerning prepping and survival needs.

The Good & The Bad About The Lost Ways:

As a reader, we do not create a verdict without knowing about the good and the bad parts. To help out all the potential buyers here’s something that would help you make up your mind.

The Good Part:

  • Simplicity and easy to understand is a feature which is of prime importance when you look for something in a readable format. It is a comprehensive kit but the tips are arranged in an extremely simplified manner. So, even if you are not a reading buff, you won’t easily get hooked to the book once you have it. Trust me on this!
  • Affordability is another key point. As per research, The Lost Ways is worth every penny spent. you can do a comparative study of similar products available in the market and conclude it to be the best.
  • Wide coverage is what keeps the reader hooked throughout. The content is aimed at producing all-rounders eventually. Topics include everything from power, water, accommodation, appliances to food.
  • 100% money-back guarantee. Each one of us prefers to invest where either the risk is minimum or the returns are high. Both the criteria are satisfied here, what say?
  • The program focuses on healthy cooking with natural ingredients and therefore accounts for good overall health. So you have health and taste served in equal portions.
  • A cheaper way to live happily, healthily and long enough. You won’t be stressed about money and material stuff anymore.

The Not-So-Good part:

  • If you are looking for quick and effective results, I am afraid you have put your bait on the wrong pony. The methodology aims at repetitive learning. You need to try things to have a hang of the system and the effects. The tricks are of no use unless they are acted upon, repetitively. So this isn’t for lazy bums, mind you!
  • The book does not come in any audio or video format which might be bad news for techies who prefer to listen or watch rather than read.
  • Moreover, the copies are quite in demand so the chances of having one might take some time. So save your excitement.

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The Final Word

Let’s face the truth: We are a bunch of lazy, spoilt generation who cannot do anything in the absence of facilities and technology. As handicapped as it sounds the truth remains the same for more or less each one of us.

Now, if you wanna break the chain, and take charge of your lives; get up! Prep up your self and limit the dependency factor. If you wish to plan for the best and prepare for the worst, The Lost Ways is your guide to reach the podium.

Life takes unexpected turns. So it is best to be equipped with skills that can save you from disaster. It would be better, by all means, to depend on your self rather than smartphones. So, for all such needs, grab a copy of The Lost Ways, TODAY!

Save yourself and save the world!

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