My Personal Tried Tips To Keep Metabolism High

No matter how hard we try, things still become a mess and we become so helpless in managing our diet more often. Poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle can ruin your overall health and the worst part is that your metabolic rate gets lowered down, such that it becomes difficult for you to manage a proper well-being. At times, you keep eating all throughout the day while on the other days, you end up starving yourself the whole day long. At times you continue sleeping all the hours, and on the other days, you barely could sleep due to those piles of work files held onto the table, all of them staring at just you!

A person with lower metabolism tends to have a low immunity, trouble in doing everyday tasks, get obesed and is more prone to diseases. If your body’s engine isn’t working properly, you do have rooms for improvement. All you need is to take care of yourself and focus on the below mentioned tips to keep your engine working faster:

how to keep metabolism high

  • Get more sleep:

Sleep deprivation can send your hunger and appetite hormones for a toss. As a result, you end up eating more than you actually need, and your adipose tissue starts getting accumulated all over. In such a scenario, you should always consider an uninterrupted sleep at a stretch of 7-8 hours. 

  • Wake up early:

You ought to understand the fact that a daily routine is what everyone needs! This is where you lag behind, and that’s the cause of most of your trouble. You need to wake up early. I know, it’s difficult, but that’s what is mandatory! It would become quite difficult for you during the initial days, but once you put that into a habit, things would eventually start appearing normal to you.

  • Step into your shoes:

I know, it’s hard to step out of your cozy blanket and put your feet into those jogging shoes. However, if you actually want to work on your fitness and boost up your metabolism, you need to do this! A 20 minutes of walk or jogging can actually bring a lot of difference on you. 

  • Go for cardiovascular exercises:

Cardiovascular exercises like that of walking, running, swimming and aerobics can make wonders! Cardio exercises are actually helpful in stimulating your metabolism, and help in supressing your appetite post workout. The impact stays for a couple of hours though!

  • Weight training is a must!

The calories you burn per pound counts! Weight training is a mandate, since it boosts your lean tissue mass, and thus, determines the amount of calories you burn in a day. The more lean muscle you have, the more are the calories that you burn. 

  • Perform exercises:

Make sure that you aren’t missing out exercises. Devote at least a span of an hour for it. You can either choose to break that total span into 3 sessions of 20 minutes each, or 2 sessions of 30 minutes each. This will help you burn more fat, and you will feel fit from within!

  • Keep eating all throughout the day:

Instead of taking three big portions in a day, it would be great if you can keep eating all throughout the day. It is fine if you are taking 5-6 small portions, but that would keep your metabolism active. Also, frequent meals don’t let your stomach starve for a long span of time, which would otherwise compel you to eat a lot of food all together, making you intake an excess amount of calories that you might not even need!

  • Never skip a meal: 

A lot of times, people think that skipping meals would help them to promote their metabolism and cut off the extra fat. However, this is actually counterproductive. Skipping a meal would rather slow down your metabolism as well as convince your body to conserve energy so as to compensate the lack of food. Most importantly, remember that the most vital energy source of your body comes from the breakfast you intake. 

  • Do not skip your breakfast:

You should never ignore having a healthy breakfast as that would source your energy for the rest of the day. Remember that a breakfast is the fast food of the day you intake and thus, it breakes your starve since the last night. Ignoring the breakfast would rather push you to consume excess food in the lunch instead!

  • Keep snacking:

Yeah, there’s no harm if you keep on taking smaller portions of fruits, veggies and nuts all throughout the day. Just make sure that your snacks are in smaller quantities than that of your regular meal sizes. 

  • Drink enough water:

Dehydration can be a reason of gaining weight. Remember than water contains no calories. Lack of water intake can compel your brain to feel hungry. As a result, you may think of drinking or eating whatever you find nearby, adding up to your calorie intake. 

  • Intake enough calcium:

Research says that calcium promotes the basal metabolism of an individual. Make sure that the food you are intaking contains enough calcium so that you do not feel a lack of it. Also, it is an important element for your healthy bones and teeth.

  • Avoid calorie laden drinks:

When you are on the mission of speeding up your metabolism, it is usually ideal to cut off the habit of intaking calorie laden coffee or sodas. Take those things out of your routine, as they would otherwise put all your efforts in vain. 

  • Drink green tea:

Try to put yourself into a habit of drinking green tea either in the morning or during the afternoon. You may even have it twice in a day. This will not only drive away the toxins from your body, but at the same time, it contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), an ingredient that is known to speed up one’s metabolic rate. 

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