Why You Must Set Unrealistic Goals?

Although a lot of famous and successful personalities often talk about setting realistic goals, I do not agree to it personally. People often prefer to set realistic goals due to the fear of disappointments. They do not have enough courage to confront the rejection and accept the failure, and that’s the only reason they do not set unrealistic goals. 

Another crucial reason is that they do not understand the fact that no matter even if you fail in life, it’s always the lessons that you get from the incident, which in turn, encourage you to do even better the next time. Also, the reasons of failure teach you the mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated from the next time you counter the same situation. Remember that you learn more from failure than you would have learnt from success. It is important to make sure that you have enough guts to accept the failure and still bd abld to find success in your life. 

unrealistic goals

Wby Unrealistic Goals Are Important?

Goal setting is extremely crucial and great inventions have been possible only sjrn people have set unrealistic goals. Here are a few reasons to understand the requirement of setting goals that are unrealistic:

  • Unrealistic goals make you work even harder:

Achieving any goal requires a lot of effort and dedication. However, when you set realistic goals, you can estimate the amount of hard work you ought to put in. On the contrary, the moment you set unrealistic goals, it may urge you to go out of your way and you would probably think of other ways instead of your conventional methods to make your dreams come true. Things seem to be much beyond than what and how you have thought them to be! As a result, you woulc have to work harder than ever! 

  • These goals develop you as an industrious individual:

When you set unrealistic goals that are hard to achieve, you will consequently be forced to get out of your comfort zone. Just as the old adage goes that till the time you would keep doing what you have done so far, you will receive the same reward as you have been receiving so far! In order to bring a change in either of the ways, you will have to move beyond your comfort arena and that’s how you become aware of things that would remain no significant to you so far. As you start growing, you learn to deal with things better, and in the process continue improving yourself to become a better human. 

  • It raises your self confidence:

When you set unrealistic goals and end up achieving them, you start believing in yourself all over again. The feeling is quite similar to that of achieving something that was much beyond your expectations. In such a scenario, you start believing in your potential and stop doubting your capabilities altogether. Self confidence is an essential attribute of an individual and the moment you gain it, things start appearing within your reach. You stop fearing huge challenges that come your way and stop running away from them. Not just this, you accumulate all your energy to become determined about achieving something that you have always craved for, and focus on your abilities to improve them for your own good.

  • Erradicate the fear of failure:

Setting unrealistic goals simply resemble the fact that your goals are hard to achieve. You would thus, become habituated to confront failure again and again. When you get so used to encounter failure, you stop being afraid of it. Instead, you start taking that moment of failure positively. You feel to own a sporting attitude within yourself such that you start accepting the fact that you have got no option to escape other than meeting that goal. This is when you start working so hard that you do not bother about anything else in this world, and keep running towards that one aim. 

  • Setting unrealistic goals have always led to new discoveries and inventions:

When you step out of the conventional way, you would often find a lot of people restricting you to do so! Remember that no people on this earth can have all the right answers. People who comment on your goals and tag them as ‘unrealistic’ usually tend to justify their statements saying that based on past records. Understand the fact that new discoveries and inventions have always been regarded as ‘impossible’ for the rest of the world except the ones who had believed themselves. Those are the ones who didn’t pay any attention to what others kept on saying but they focussed only upon their goal and thus, kept walking towards it. 

  • Helps you discover yourself:

Self discovery often remains unnoticed. At times, we ignore the fact that we can do much better than we could ever think of! The same goes for life as well. When we set unrealistic goals and take attempts to fullfill them, we go out of our ways to get the things done. While walking through that path, we often come to know about our hidden talents that we might have otherwise never known! We learn about things that were there deep inside us, but unfortunately, we didn’t know about those till then. As a result, it gives a new direction to one’s life all over again. 

Bottom line: 

Setting realistic goals is what everyone does! If by any chance, you want to do something out of the box and want to get something really rewarding, you ought to go out of your way and that’s what about setting unrealistic goals imply! No matter what you do, or which profession you are in, you can still be successful in your genre if you believe in your potential and have an optimistic vision. There’s no point in listening what others had to say, all you needed is to hold your belief and keep working to achieve the same.

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